Kitchen Tip: Tasting Spoons

Every good cook has their secrets. Whether it be the way they knead a dough or a secret blend of spices, there are tricks that cooks of all levels have learned along the way. The one trick I’ve noticed in kitchen after kitchen is not really a trick at all – more just common sense, but something that is easily overlooked in the frenzy of preparing a meal: Tasting what you’re cooking!

I guarantee that every good cook from Michelin-starred chefs to your Italian Nonna tastes their food as they’re cooking, every step of the way. What other way is there to adjust seasonings, check for doneness, and learn about flavor than to taste what you’re making?


I’ve found an easy way to remind myself to taste as I’m cooking. I keep a small jar of demitasse spoons, that came with an espresso set of mine, next to our stove. I rarely find myself serving 8 espressos all at once so it’s the perfect use for them. They’re within easy reach so I can grab one or two as needed to taste my food as I’m cooking!


Do you have any other tips for good taste-as-you-go techniques? Share them in the comments below!